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below spoiler alert and mature language warning this article says what has changed in Love never dies.

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  1. below is a photobucket album of LOVE NEVER DIES pictures in BriannaButlar's lovely Love never dies album.
Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo (Christine & The Phantom 17)

A deep intervew with Phantom Ramin Karimloo 

Being asked for an autograph by a an audience member does feel weird I can testify to that. I was in a play a few years back and was asked for an autograph it felt odd that anyone would want and an autograph, you see yourself as a person they see you as the character and an actor and the autograph as a memory what made it odder no one noticed me in the last shows as a well dressed stage hand then after it as an front of house( Ushers) no one noticed me either it is the percieved glammer of the stage and the charm of the script and the performances of the actors and their skill in their craft..  (webmaster)