List of the  Phantom forums on IMVU (I joined hence My Groups.) for the interest of those curious or wanting to join. 

There are lots of Phantom Phans  on IMVU.

It maybe odd and totally irrelevant to most people but for some it maybe a curious point of interest the phantom of the opera has made his way with Christine and his boat ride on to this  place via fan built avatars and rooms and components which any phan can create his or her own world of their own with a Christine or Phantom   Avatar( vampire, furry, fairy, sailor moon, Smurfette, human , dryad or what or whoever they want.)  there are also forums of phantom phans. There are free to visit phantom of the opera based public chat rooms but they are seldom frequented when I am there but there are other phan there other than just me and you can talk on the forums and pose in the public phantom room and chat small talk in there other room. Good none phantom rooms are Brains Required, and  there are a few more rooms there which are quite pretty, the "Moonlit Bayeau (with a secret)" and a castle with graceful dragons flying about it, it is good just as a relaxing room to just forget ever thing and enjoy it's beauty and a little small talk with your fellow acquaints in the room in 3d avatars.

Most of the good phantom avatar clothes are made by Lady Claer  and are worth saving up for, but there are some good cheaper options.

ChristineMasquerade  is mostly her creation sold in parts so is my ErikMulheim's costume. I love her work.

A Few Public Rooms Of  The Dragon Design To Relax in.

D castle

 Dragon Castle Melaysia

Castle of the New Danity

Vampire Waterdragon Castle

This  is not the public castle with the dragons this is a picture of mine they have the same layout but this one is blue there is a serpent dragon as well out of shot in both. I liked it so much a got a copy of it it is very peaceful. The picture below is the Vampire Waterdragon Castle it looks like the others abit.

Below is what the bayeau looks like usually full or nearly but worth  the visit . This isn't it either this is empty. It's one of my private rooms with the same room design. 

Below are examples of what can be made  with IMVU with a little knoledge and hunting you can create anyone and add  webpages(in Iframes) and videos and pictures from YouTube and photobucket too with right codes.  These are a few excerpts of my phantom pages.

The mask glove and dress are LadyClaer's work and the hair like the christinedaaedechany avatar are made with piece made CherryPoppins.  

this one has a Christine  Daae head, hair and two part dress.

This Is another  Christine Daae hairstlye  the dress is just a pretty defult IMVU dress.

Some rooms are phantom themed by just having pictures on the walls or floor and are not a Simulation of a room Eg. the phantom's boat (which your avatar can get a boat ride on the Phantom's boat that's all) or theatres which you can explore.

 The dress ins a Christine dress. Her room is the same as ThePhantomErik's room it is the Gondala ride to the phantom's lear.

Below is a stage phantom like avatar  which was compiled with the rosetempest  female white tuxedo and  a female phantom mask.