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Welcome to our site.
This  is  a  Social network Based site.
Please let me guide you though  the good sites of Phantom related sites and things in a  fun , interesting  and informative tour of the world's best sites on the subject with news and  twitter links to officiall sites and if you want to join  the  my phantom fan club forum  please do and get my badge or just get the badge it is a nice picture. from Love Never Dies and  it has a link back here and to my youtube  channel .
Each page either has or  will have a chat room for people on the same pages to chat if they like. 

  We are dedicated to the angel of music, Erik, the Phantom in all his forms and masks fun things like games and Links to ebooks and phan fiction and youtube videos and a few  links to  the silent classic Phantom,  and a lot of phantom movies, wikipedia articles,  fan sites, stage and screen phantoms in samples off youtube so you get a taste of them and their feel and style and if I can find a place to buy music and related things.  wikipedia and myspace and groups and chatrooms but there The LastFM page is a library of bookmarks to related channels to the phantom and Love Never Dies the most popular musicals. The Coney Island Petting Zoo is a page of virtual animals which you can play wiith and on the short break has a page of  of lovely pictures which change daily and a page of famous peoples quotes and thoughts the change too these are little fun bits. I have also embed whole Youtube channels related to the phantom so you can experience youtube channels full of book marks and uploads  an youtube itself at it's best many my own channels, my main on being thewraithoftheopera's channel which has lots of videos some of the others are other youtuber's and official sites you can laugh at the phantom trying to win a singing competion,

find out how to dress up as the phantom on a budget, be enchanted by music I  bookmarked,

be informed by interviews on official site channels and websites embedded so you can visit the pages with ease and after you are finished visiting the site continue visiting good sites here. Watch old movies on youtube on The Red Rose Growers channel which has the silent  movie on it. You can compare the movies and musicals and see footage and pictures and learn about and hear music from Love Never Dies the sequel to the ALW Phantom of the Opera Musical in all it's glory though slideshows of picture from it, interviews with the stars on the Love Never Dies youtube channel visit their official website hear the songs on youtube and buy the cd or a a collectible piece  from their shop which I embedded also.

I added links where to objects from official stores, music and free etexts of the phantom of the opera and the mystery of the yellow room and a link to  the silent movie staring Lon Chaney 

look at the movie tab too see what movies we have embedded in the site. If you like phantom you'll be sure to find one you'll like.

Please enjoy your self on this site and don't forget to book mark this site. so you can come back again.

From Love Never Dies  this is Rramin Karimloo he is the Phantom

Welcome to our site

 More of these Phantom and V Videoes are on the "Funny Phantom Videos by Zshadow" Page

The Wraith of The Opera
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